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     LAST UPDATED 29 April 2015

18 Dec 2014

14 Nov 2014

Sept 2014

Mr Chris Delicata, ECD Chair

12 Nov 2013

1 April 2013

Michael Stumvoll

19 Mar 2012

European Parliament

ECD co-chairs interviewed on Maltese television watch here

Diabetes in Europe: Policy Puzzle. The State We Are In
The ECD (IDF Europe, FEND, PCDE and EURADIA) has joined forces to publish the 4th edition of the Policy Puzzle download here

The ECD welcomes Mr Chris Delicata, Vice President and a former Chair of the International Diabetes Federation European Region 
(IDF Europe), as Chair

EU Diabetes Working Group Meeting - A Look Forward: Diabetes in Europe with Commissioner Borg
Meeting hosted by Marisa Mathias MEP
Keynote speaker: EU Commissioner for health, Tonio Borg
European Parliament, Brussels

The ECD welcomes Michael Stumvoll,
Professor of Medicine at the University of Leipzig, and new EURADIA Chairman as Co-Chair.

European Parliament adoption of Resolution on addressing the EU Diabetes epidemic

News from the European Institutions
Health / Research issues

EU Diabetes Working Group Meeting 5 May 2015 (by invitation only) Diabetes in Europe: The State of Play. Key Priorities for the European Institutions

  • Meeting hosted by Christel Schaldemose MEP and Therese Comodini Cachia MEP
  • European Parliament, Brussels
Agenda for European Parliament Event 5 May 2015

CHRODIS: Joint Action on Chronic Diseases

  • A new joint action launched under the 2013 Health Programme
  • Addresses chronic diseases and promotes healthy aging
  • Aims to improve coordination and cooperation amongst Member States
  • Focus on identification of people at high risk, early diagnosis, secondary prevention, and comprehensiive multifactorial care
  • Special emphasis will be given to support the development and implementation of National Diabetes Plans

European Parliamentary Questions relating to Diabetes

European Strategy Against Diabetes
Date: 11 March 2015
MEP: Gabriel Mato (PPE) and  Carlos  Iturgaiz (PPE)

Question: Breast feeding and obesity
Date:  3 March 2015
MEP: Ian Hudghton (Verts/ALE)

Question: The health costs of endocrine disrupting chemicals
Date: 27 February 2015
MEP: Paloma Lopez Bermejo (GUE/NGL)

Question: Causes of type 1 diabetes 
Date:26 February 2015
MEP: Daciana Octavia Sarbu (S&D)

Question: EU Driving Directive stipulations concering type 1 diabetes
Date: 23 February 2015
MEP: Daniel Dalton (ECR)

Question: EU diabetes strategy
Date: 17 February 2015
MEP: Afzal Khan (S&D)

Question: Healthy lifestyle promotion
Date: 4 February 2015
MEP: Biljana Borzan (S&D)

Question: Antimicrobial resistance
Date: 29 January 2015
MEP: Simona Bonafe (S&D), Bijana Borzan (S&D), Miriam Dalli (S&D)



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