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5 May 2015 (by invitation only)
EU Diabetes Working Group Meeting
Diabetes in Europe: The State of Play - Key Priorities for the       
European Institutions
Meeting hosted by Christel Schaldemose MEP and Therese

     Comodini Cachia MEP

     Keynote Speaker: Head of Cabinet
     of European Commissioner Andriukaitis
     Mr Arunas Vinciunas   
     European Parliament, Brussels

12 November 2013
EU Diabetes Working Group Meeting
A Look Forward: Diabetes in Europe with Commissioner Borg
Meeting hosted by Marisa Mathias MEP

Keynote speaker: EU Commissioner for health, Tonio Borg
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda / report

05 December 2012
Please register at annbraarup.cuykens@europarl.europa.eu
agenda/ invitation

22 November 2011
EUDWG Meeting
'Diabetes & Depression:
The health professionals' perspective'
EUDWG Host/Chair: Dr Simon Busuttil, MEP
ECD Co-Chair: A-M. Felton
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda / report

11 October 2011
EUDWG Meeting
'National diabetes strategies and the road
      towards an EU Diabetes Strategy'
EUDWG Host/Chair: Baroness Sarah Ludford, MEP
ECD Chair: J. Wens
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda/ report

12 May 2011
EUDWG Meeting
'EU Action on non-communicable diseases
      in light of the UN Summit on NCDs'
EUDWG Chair/host: Marisa Matias, MEP
ECD Co-Chairs: A-M Felton, C Delicata
European Parliament, Strasbourg
agenda / meeting report

8 December 2010
EUDWG Plenary Meeting
'The Grand Challenge:
      Delivering for Diabetes in Europe'
held under the auspices of the
Belgian Presidency of the EU and co-chaired
by Simon Busuttil MEP and Christel Schaldemose MEP
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda / meeting report / conference book / photos

presentation opening:
WHO Z.Jakab

presentations working groups:
Prevention: P.Schwarz
Early Diagnosis: X.Cos
Management: J.Wens
Education: C.Bailey
Research: P.Halban

5 October 2010
Save the date
Unprecedented joint meeting on
Chronic Diseases in Europe
by MEP Heart Group, MEP Group for Kidney Health,
EU Diabetes Working Group, MEPs against Cancer
European Parliament, Brussels
meeting flyer
report: Chronic Disease Alliance

29 September 2010
EUDWG Working Lunch Meeting
'Advancing the Cause of Diabetes in Europe:
The Example of Discrimination'
hosted by MEP Marisa Matias
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda / meeting report
presentations: J.V.Nabais / T.M├╝llensiefen / A-M.Felton

8 June 2010
EUDWG Working Lunch Meeting
'Diabetes Research in the 21st Century. Where is Europe?'
hosted by MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford
European Parliament, Brussels
agenda / meeting report / article
presentations: P.Halban / P.Reilly

10 November 2009
EUDWG Meeting
'Stopping the Diabetes Epidemic: Is Europe Making Progress?'
hoted by MEP Simon Busutill
European Parliament, Brussels



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