About the European Coalition for Diabetes (ECD)


In 2009, the four organisations of the European Coalition for Diabetes - the Alliance for European Diabetes Research (EURADIA), the Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND), the International Diabetes Federation (IDF Europe), and Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) made a significant stride forward in their efforts to coordinate their EU policy action. 

The re-launch of the EU Diabetes Working Group (EUDWG) in November 2009,

with four new cross-party, cross-national co-chairs was a significant achievement

and establishes a strong platform from which to build the

European Diabetes Coalition's EU public affairs programme. 

There are a number of challenges and opportunities now facing the ECD. 



The overarching objective of the ECD is for all partner organizations to work collectively together as a strong, effective and united voice in the European institutions to improve prevention of diabetes, as well as the health and quality of life for all European citizens living with diabetes, by influencing pan-European policy. This should be achieved by:


  • Working together to develop and implement a targeted pan-European Diabetes Strategy, e.g. in the form of an EU Council Recommendation on diabetes prevention, diagnosis, management, education and research

  •  Working together to address specific pan-European and national policies which have a potential positive or negative impact on the lives of people with diabetes e.g. public health, research, social and consumer policies.


In order to achieve these objectives, the ECD takes the following strategic approach:

  • Leverage the support of the European Parliament to influence the other EU institutions through the platform of the EU Diabetes Working Group - use the EUDWG as the key driver for change

  • Encourage upcoming Presidencies of the EU to feature diabetes on their health agenda - resulting in a strong statement to the European Commission 

  • Encourage the EU Health Commissioner to address diabetes during his mandate and, ultimately, to develop a diabetes strategy

  • Encourage the EU Research Commissioner to include diabetes as a major focus area in Horizon 2020



The ECD is chaired on a rotation basis by one of its co-chairs. Chair for 2018 is: Chris Delicata (Past President IDF Europe).  Co-Chairs are: Anne-Marie Felton (FEND), Andrew Boulton (EURADIA), Francesc Xavier Cos (PCDE), and Sehnaz Karadeniz (IDF Europe).